The Initiated Fetishist Vol. 1 - Collector Edition

Released at: May 12, 2012 by Pulse Pictures
Deviant and proud of it! A true fetish is the culmination of a lifetime of appreciative obsession with a particular object or body part. Be it the gentle curve of a full, supple breast, a new pair of glasses or a full leather bodysuit, the Initiated Fetishist is unashamed of their extreme at tractions. Join this brave troop as they travel down the lesser traveled roads to explore the fun and kinky ways that silky smooth soles, tender tasty toes, nylon clad thighs, tiny lace panties and /or gravity defying high heels drive them to the point of distraction. Because when a fetishist finds what he likes, he zeroes in and the rest of the world can literally melt away. As long as the object of their arousal is there, nothing else matters.

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Lora Croft

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