The Jackbooth Job

Released at: April 4, 2007 by ZFX Productions
On a cold Xmas eve near closing time, a last horny customer walks into the Lickety Split Adult Bookstore, breezing past the sexy lady manager and her assistant, making a beeline for the peep booths in the back. The man in the peep booth bides his time watching a movie called "The Midnight Attacker" in which a hot redhead is horribly mistreated at the hands of a demented stalker. He strokes himself almost absentmindedly as the movie unfolds. He has his own terrifying images playing in his mind. After closing, the store manager decides it's time to clear out the last customer and close up shop. Suddenly a masked, armed figure emerges from one of the booths. The horny customer turns out to be a horny masked bandit! He grabs the big titted store manager and directs her to move to the front of the store. He then shoots the male clerk. Now they are alone. Horrified, the squirming brunette is bound and gagged and made to go to the basement to open the safe. Unable to give the bandit what he wants, the scared girl is made to strip and is then chained up for some stun gun action. The bandit came well prepared if the hot manager refused his larcenous requests. With his stun gun in hand he intends to get in that safe. Shocked on her most sensitive spots, the nude manager jerks madly, grunting her protests, but she refuses to divulge the combination. The cock gagged strumpet is eventually shocked into a sweaty heap. Determined to break her will, her deranged captor then chains her on her back, legs spread wide. Her humiliation is complete as she is stuffed with toys from the stores copious inventory upstairs, which are then taped in place as her tormentor leers on. Convinced his victim is still holding out, the evil bandit tit binds the dark haired beauty, then chains her up for some serious flogging. Little does the bandit know that things will soon take an ironic turn for the worse. Lithe beauty Kelly Mckay and leggy newcomer Amber Bliss star in this ultimate ZFX fantasy flick shot at the fabulous Lickety Split Adult Video store!

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