The Misadventures Of Lois Payne

Released at: April 4, 2007 by ZFX Productions
Lois Payne is a beautiful newspapers reporter who's probing articles about a powerful underworld figure gets her more of a story than she bargained for. Watch as Miss Payne's pretty young assistant, Marcy is spirited away, bound and gagged and used as a bargaining chip to buy Lois's silence. To be sure she gets the message, Lois is compelled to watch a video tape of her helpless assistant, ball gagged and bound in chains, legs spread wide as she receives the unwanted attentions of a gorgeous, but very cruel mistress. Even after watching Marcy with her mouth plugged and obedience collar around her neck to insure her complete attention, Lois refuses to cooperate. After enduring several other humiliating ordeals in her living room and still refusing to silence her editorial outbursts, Lois is brought to the bosses' lair for some serious attitude adjustment. In his tool shop fright chamber, the question isn't if Lois will give in, but when!

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