Triple X Files 6 - Do You Know... Katja Kean?

Released at: May 30, 2012 by Private
Love in Paris: A handsome young man invites beautiful Katja Kean to spend a lustful evening in the apartment he shares with a friend in Paris. Four for Love: Two couples going on a walk decide to give in to carnal pleasures. Under Suspicion: A blonde, suspect of her husband's murder, is interrogated by the police detectives who, believing she is innocent, comfort her for her sad loss. Girl Scout: An excursionist tries to sell cookies to a gardener who pretends to be the owner of the house. Slow Beginner: A retarded young man is introduced to sex by a beautiful girl with the aid of his brother right out in the wild. Bitch Business: A businessman has a terrible argument with his wife, so he hires a call girl.

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