TRV-33: Tough New Breed

Released at: March 24, 2012 by L. Scott Sales
In TRV-33, Tough New Breed, there are two matches featuring England's new breed of female wrestler. These women are beyond tough and unearthly skilled and like the Cobra Kai, show no mercy! The first bout pits Ms. Glitter versus Blue Lady. Blue Lady exhibits "No mercy" as she uses every hold, whether fair and foul. Ms. Glitter takes her best shot. The battle builds to wild climate that sees the fighting continue after the match ends! The second bout matches shapely Wicked Wanda against power house Dee Dee.

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Scene1: 00:00:18 - 00:15:10 (14:52)

Scene2: 00:15:16 - 00:28:07 (12:51)