Twenty Questions

Released at: July 21, 2008 by Red Stripe
Sarah comes home from school. She is in a foul mood as she has been spanked by her headmistress. She complains to her older sister, who says that she will confront Miss Brown, who she remembers from her days at the school. The two sisters burst into Miss Brown's study, full of righteous indignation. Jo, who is now a sophisticated business woman, tells Miss Brown that she had no right to administer corporal punishment, but within a few moments Miss Brown reminds Jo of her time at the school, and soon reduces her to a little girl again. We see her remembering herself in her school uniform being punished by Miss Brown and she quickly finds out that even though she is no longer a schoolgirl she is unable to stand up to Miss Brown and is still liable to Miss Brown's brand of discipline. The stern headmistress is furious that she should be told how to run her school and thinks there is only one way to deal with suck behavior...

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