What Katie Did

Released at: August 22, 2008 by Miss Marchmont
Based on a true account of school punishment in the sixties, we see the sixth former Katie (played by the delectable Sam Johnson) report to the head of Latin, Miss Williams (our own Miss Eve Harper). The poor girl is groped and stroked by miss Williams who takes real delight in telling her that she is to be thrashed. We then witness her spanking, leg & bottom strapping and areal scorcher of a caning. All the way through her ordeal Katie must endure the erotic saphitic groping and touching of Miss Williams. Once she finishes punishing the girl, Miss Williams hears a noise from outside her office and catches one of Katie's schoolboy admirers. John, listening at the door. He is dragged into the room and given a close-up view of Katie's bottom much to his and her embarrassment. He is then unceremoniously flogged in front of the naked, mortified Katie but not before she is spanked over her cane stripes. This is a very erotic film, made even more so by the fact that it is based on a real account.

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