Where the Girls Sweat 2

Released at: May 24, 2012 by Elegant Angel
More Girls...More Sweat! The general consensus among most video companies seems to be that if you have a good title, you should do a sequel - no matter how bad it turns out - it's bound to be a moneymaker. I say (aside from being terminally short-sighted) this philosophy is like spitting in the face of those of us who helped make the original a hit in the first place! (I'm a consumer too!) Elegant Angel is recognized as the industry leader of the All-Girl genre. That's why "Where The Girls Sweat II" wasn't released two months after the original. I say it's worth the wait because in "Sweat II" you're getting nine (count 'em) girls who love to fuck and eat pussy! Nine of the nastiest girls to ever grace the screen of porn - doing what they love to do...each other! Directed by the master, Bruce Seven, and written by the Buttman himself, John Stagliano, "Sweat II" will give you something to smile about...I promise! Is it better than the original? Well, watch the movie and let me know what you think! - Patrick Collins

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