Your Girlfriend Jessica... Between The Sheets!

Released at: August 23, 2006 by New York F*ck Factory
New York F*ck Factory presents a solo girl voyeur - masturbation fantasy with jailbait Jessica!! Your eighteen-year-old girlfriend Jessica likes to tease you so she's on the bed naked and she starts to apply body lotion. As she always does she pours it all over her ripe young body and begins to rub it in. First her arms then legs then on her tits pussy and ass. She gets really messy and suggests you come all over her, her face, her body and especially all over her cunt and ass. Then she starts to finger herself real hard with two fingers in her gaping cunt and two fingers stretching her ass hole. She adds more lotion and it gets messier as she blurts out filthy disgusting slutty language like fuck me hard with your big hard dick and bang me in my ass and cunthole back and forth like the slut she is. Then she gets on hands and knees and screams fuck me like a dog as she sticks two fingers in her pussy and two up her ass. She goes wild and frigs herself to a thundering climatic orgasm. After this she heads off to the kitchen to have some fun with food. Wow what a girlfriend!!!

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